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What was the last thing you ate?

My breakfast, I can't survive without it. I'm now having porridge most mornings. I have it with blueberries, almond flakes and a drizzle of honey.

Do you go to the gym or classes?

I go to the gym about twice a week. On the days that I'm not there, I go to hot yoga two to three times a week, it's like doing yoga in a big sauna room.

Do you take vitamins or supplements?

I take Solgar Potassium to help keep my electrolyte balance in sync. I also take Holland & Barrett Acai Berry antioxidant.

What foods always go in your shopping trolley?

Peppers, onions, chicken, mushrooms and Muller Rice yogurts.

Have you ever been in hospital?

Only when I was born, but I've been in and out when I cut my ankle, for example.

What was your worst illness?

My worst was when I was 21 and I ignored a cough, which later developed into a chest infection, flu and bronchitis.

What is your favourite cure?

I like to take a few drops of the herbal remedy Echinacea in water to fight off any dose. I also swear by taking vitamin C.

Would you get your five-a-day?

I would have two mandarins, an apple and veggies for my dinner.

What is your favourite meal to cook?

Chicken stir-fry. I love it as it's tasty. I've got a large appetite so it suits me that it's filling and healthy at the same time.

Any vices?

My chocolate, especially a Kit-Kat with a cup of tea. I try just to have only one or two bars a week.

Ever dieted?

I'm actually dieting now as I recently got engaged. It's about maintaining three healthy meals a day and two healthy snacks in between the meals. I'm happy with my figure but wouldn't mind losing just a couple of pounds before I start trying on wedding dresses.

Any family ailments?

Ailments run in both sides of my family but my mum was the first person to get cancer. Thankfully, we found out she had it early and after a year's treatment she is now in the clear.

How many hours sleep do you get a night?

I can't function if I don't get about eight hours sleep.

Do you have any health goals?

Currently I don't. I just intend to keep going the way I'm going now.

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?

No, it never appealed to me, especially working in the skincare industry. I see the damage it can do to the skin.

Choose one food to bring to a desert island.

Muller Rice yogurts, over time I've grown to love these yogurts.

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Fiona is Irish regional trainer for Guinot. For information, log on to www.guinot.com