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Multi-tasking shower gels to get you squeaky clean

Shower gels and washes are not just for getting you clean, you know!

They exist to fragrance and moisturise as well. Everything seems to have to multi-task these days, and body washes are no different. So not only are you 'destinkifying' yourself, you're also doing lovely things for your skin. As ever, some of these met those standards better than others.

CLINIQUE Deep Comfort Body Wash, €18.50 * * * *

I approached this with caution, even though I generally worship at the altar of Clinique. Not a big fan of the Deep Comfort Body Moisture (a little doesn't go a long way), I did feel that this was an improvement on that line. It foams up well and my skin really did feel moisturised. If only the tube were bigger! Sigh.

L'OCCITANE Cleansing and Soothing Shower Oil with Almond, €18.50 * * * * *

Lush and lovely and smelling of almonds, this is a winner. It gets a bit slippy if you're not careful, because it is oil, but once you get the hang of it, you may never want to try anything else. You get a lot of mileage out of the container, your skin will feel luscious, and honestly, the scent is amazing.

CIEN Shower Gel with Lime Oil, €0.59 * *

The price is always more than right at Lidl, but this concoction did not set my world on fire -- which is probably just as well as I was naked in the shower. Seriously, folks: it didn't do much for my skin, and I felt like I was using that bit too much of it, to get the job done. It is also for use on the hair, but to be honest, I didn't attempt it.

LUSH The Olive Branch, €9.95 (250g) * * *

This is made up of all sorts of good things: vine leaves and bergamot and mandarin juice and Sicilian olives. Good enough to eat! Unfortunately, the consistency of it was rather too liquid. It doesn't work very well with exfoliation gloves, but works somewhat better with a shower puff. That's a problem solved, but it felt like I had to use too much to get a good scrub.

REN Moroccan Rose Oil Shower Gel, €23, * * * * *

You'll get me every time with sophisticated packaging -- which makes me easy, not cheap. REN products feel very smart and science-y. I loved this: the froth feels like silk, and the rose oil base was bliss on my bod. I'm checking out the other 'flavours' they make, and they have something to suit every 'palette'.