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Motivation to make progress

IF you are someone who has signed up and is feeling rubbish about not having done any training yet, then don't. Or at least, don't feel alone, because you're not. Shamefully, I haven't done a tap.

There's still time to get going, so we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it. In fact, there's still time to register if you haven't got around to that either.

I have a loose plan for the next couple of weeks.

As I'm a first-timer, I'd like to get a feel for what 10k actually is, so I've mapped out a course which will take me on a loop from my front door and leave me right back at it. I'm going to time myself, to see what I'm looking at, realistically, at this stage.

I'm not a natural athlete, but I am competitive, so I'm hoping that having a time to beat will motivate me to work hard and make progress.

From there, I'm hoping to do a decent walk at a good pace, at least three times a week, again timing myself each time. Hopefully that will get me going, and I'll have some progress to report next time. And hopefully you will too!

> Louise McSharry

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