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More hair stuff!

After you have deep conditioned, you are gonna want to style.

There are many, many ways to style, and the products below reflect this. You can spray, you can smooth on cream, you can rub in oil -- it's a good thing to experiment to find what suits you, but you may risk several bad hair days until you figure it out! I've done the work for you, so think of your own locks as I convey the experiences that I had with my own (which is fine and colour treated, just so you know).

JOHN FRIEDA Three Day Straight, €6.89 HHHII I was tempted to give this two stars because I only got two-days straight out of this, but I bow to peer pressure, in that everyone who saw me on the day I used this -- well, I blush from the multitude of compliments I fielded. I felt that my hair was too dry and flyaway, and even as addicted to hair products as I am, I didn't want to lay on an anti-frizz on top of the straightener. Experiment before you take this away on a long weekend, or a (wink!) sleepover.

UNIQ ONE All in 1 Hair Treatment, €15, HHHHH Imagine if your hair was a salad, and you wanted to put dressing on it, and you were handed something created by the first 12-star Michelin chef in history. Yes, that sounds completely crazy, but I am completely crazy for this product. It does 10 things, among them repairs split ends, adds shine, colour protects with UV filters, and controls frizz. And it smells delicious. And you will look delicious.

CARINO Colour Protecting Serum, €3.99 HHHII It took me forever to figure out the correct amount of this to use. You know how I like to say, 'A little goes a long way'? Well, in this case, a teeny, tiny, minuscule, infinitesimal bit goes a long way. If you have fine hair like me, keep this well away from the roots. It works really well on tired, fired split ends, and if you want to use a whiff of it to seal your 'do, then go for it.

LUSH Dirty Hair Styling Cream, €7.50 HHIII I found this to be on the heavy side as well, and I didn't manage to make this work for me. I am very sad about this, because I love, love, love the scent. If you've got thick hair that goes super frizzy, give this a shot.

BEEVER Heat Shield, €10 HHHHI This is meant to protect your hair from the heat of blow drying. I sprayed it on my hair as instructed, and styled as usual, and didn't really feel like much had happened. Then my hair and I went out into the world, and received many compliments. Who knew? If you blow dry your hair every day, this would be a good thing to introduce into your regime.

L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL Mythic Oil, €15.20 HHHII Easy on this one, girls, or else you will be sorry. This beautifully smelling oil does excellent business with the merest jot; doling out measures based on experiences with other products will end in tears, or else a hop back into the shower to do your hair again.

The learning curve on this, I felt, was way too high for a hair product.