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'Monster' rain is on the way

DUBLIN is set for more flood havoc with the arrival of further 'Monster Rain', it's revealed today.

The city council warned that its flood defences cannot cope with torrential rainstorms and flash flooding.

Council officials said incidents of Monster Rain are on the increase in Europe and Dublin's 200-year-old drainage system can't defend us.

They also blamed Met Eireann for some of the inadequate response to last month's disaster.

The met service only predicted between 40-70 mm of water over 24 hours which would have caused only localised flooding. In the event, over 100mm of rain fell in just a few hours on October 24.

Executive manager Tom Leahy said €120m has been spent on flood works in the city area over the past 10 years, and improvements on the Liffey, Tolka and the Dodder held the water.

However, local councillors strongly criticised the council's handling of the emergency.