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mind the gap: how to shape and tone your inner thighs

Even the top athletes who run marathons, hill running, sprinters, etc. often have soft inner thigh muscles. Although they train very hard, the inside thigh muscles often needs very specific and accurate work to tone and tighten this elusive muscle group.

The adductor is a collection of muscles running from the groin down along the inside of the thighbone, they help your leg move from side to side as well as bringing your knees together.

It's an area that is also prone to injury, especially with sudden movement such as sprinting, kicking or any explosive resistant movement, so most fast sports would fit into this category.

We find it is an area in particular that girls always want to firm up, they also seem to find it really difficult.

To accurately work the inner thigh you need your full attention to activate, stimulate, repair and firm this area.

One point to remember is that if your inner thigh muscles are rock hard it will be difficult to have free movement, so a little bit of softness is necessary to maintain balance.

Again, with all exercises particularly with legs, if your legs are soft it is probably your diet that is causing the problem and no exercise on its own will firm that area up.

This simple sequence of exercises are really very effective in working the inner thigh but don't over do any movement - doing too many reps/sets invariably leads to groin strain, which would mean its difficult to bring your leg inwards, left or right, and it can feel quite uncomfortable.

Ideally do two to three sets of 20 reps.

thigh gap

Even though girls in particular are concerned about their legs touching together at the top of the inner thigh, gentle well-performed exercises, followed by a good eating plan will get results.

But remember the adductor has to remain flexible to function properly. The real secret is to work the complete hips and legs from squats, lunges and inner thigh work, strictly.

Cosmetic procedures in my opinion are crazy, if you have a problem with fat on any part of your body, work naturally with good food and exercise for safe and permanent results.