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Meet the 2fm team who are limbering up for big day

TWO presenters from 2fm, Louise McSharry and Ruth Scott, will be among the thousands competing in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. They share their reasons for taking part in the biggest all-female event of its kind in the world.

Louise McSharry

This will be my first time 'running' the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. I say 'running', because I don't run, unless running for the bus counts, and even then I'd want to be in a big rush.

Despite my lack of fitness, I'm delighted to be taking part. Over the last few years of covering the event for 2fm, I've fallen in love with it.

I've had the opportunity to speak to some of the women and have been so impressed by their joy and positivity, despite the fact that many are representing charities they feel attached to for sad reasons. It's a moving day.

I'll be running for HHT Ireland, in memory of my friend Paul Woods. Paul died in 2012 as a result of HHT (Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia), a genetic disorder that causes abnormalities of blood vessels.

He died suddenly at 22 and, since then, his family have worked hard to raise awareness and to encourage people to get tested.

They set up HHT Ireland for that purpose, and to raise money for treatment and research.

I'm delighted to be able to help in this small way. I'm not usually a runner, but I'm going to do my best. I will be proud to join the ranks of women taking part on June 2.

Ruth Scott

I've been running the Flora Women's Mini Marathon for about eight years now. Despite my best efforts, I'm convinced that I'm getting slower each year.

That doesn't bother me, because it's such a buzz.

I get to stand on a platform at the start line and experience 40,000 women running, jogging, huffing and puffing by me.

The energy that 40,000 people give off is the most amazing thing.

It's the perfect excuse to get off the couch this spring and get moving again, even if it involves you climbing into the corner of the wardrobe to find your old runners – it's worth it.

The feeling of camaraderie on the day is so uplifting.

Health benefits aside, the amount of money that people raise on the day is in the millions.

I am doing some fundraising for the Irish Rape Crisis Centre as well as the Irish Dogs for the Disabled.

If you're lacking in fitspiration, just listen in to Weekenders on 2fm every Saturday and Sunday.

I'll be consistently flag-waving and encouraging as we ladies make our way to the big day.

With 11 weeks to go, you need to log on now and sign up.

Come with a bunch of friends or come on your own. All ladies are most welcome.

Louise McSharry presents The Louise McSharry Show on 2fm, Sunday to Thursday, 8 to 10pm. Ruth Scott presents Weekenders every Saturday and Sunday afternoon on 2fm. Tune in to the show for Flora Women's Mini Marathon updates and look out for the 2fm Roadcaster which will be broadcasting live from the event.