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me & my health

What was the last thing you ate?

Nachos with jalapenos.

Do you go to the gym or classes?

I go to the gym maybe three to four times a week.

Do you take vitamins or supplements? No, I have hemochromatosis (a disorder which results in too much iron being absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain and fatigue) and it is very difficult to find a supplement without iron in it.

What foods always go in your shopping trolley? Fresh vegetables and fruit, especially blueberries and pink lady apples, which I love. And a slice of chocolate cake because I have a terrible sweet tooth.

Have you ever been in hospital?

Yes, I'm in hospital every so often to have blood taken due to having hemochromatosis.

What was your worst illness? I had swine flu and was very sick!

What is your favourite cure? Andrew's Liver Salt. Also I like to take tons and tons of water.

Would you get your five a day?

I do, definitely.

What is your favourite meal to cook? Beef Bourguignon.

Any vices? Bovril (my husband, Fabio, hates it).

Ever dieted? No, my family is composed of lean people. However, I'll mind what I eat.

How many hours sleep do you get a night? I'm a light sleeper -- my average is around seven hours.

Do you have any health goals? Now that I've turned 40 I want to stay fit and my goal this year is to make my body leaner.

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked? Yes, I used to smoke about 20 cigarettes a day but I quit nine years ago thanks to hypnosis. I've never looked back.

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