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Marking scheme

Clarity of purpose

Relevance, clear aim, understanding of genre 30pc

Coherence of delivery

Ability to sustain a response (ie stick to the point), organisation of ideas 30pc

Efficiency of language use - (Examples are given in the language grid below)

Sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation, use of lively and interesting phrasing appropriate to the task 30pc

Accuracy of mechanics

Spelling and grammar 10pc

Using the language of critical analysis

30pc of your marks are awarded for "Efficiency of Language Use". It is therefore essential that you use phrases that are appropriate to the task. The grid below offers some suggestions.

Making a point about . . .

Appeal of poetry

Suggested phrases

"I believe the appeal of X's poetry lies in the importance s/he attributes to Y . . ."

"I admire Boland's use of Greek mythology, as it highlights the universal nature of themes such as . . ."

Personal response/impact

"I found the poet's description of X deeply disturbing . . ."

"The poet's exploration of X allowed me a fascinating insight into Y . . ."

Use of imagery

"Imagery is used to great effect throughout the poem, such as the vivid image of . . ."

"I found the image of X particularly striking because . . ."

Use of poetic devices

"Alliteration is used to great effect in the the line . . ."

"The poet's use of an extended metaphor reinforces the central message of the poem."

Alternatives to mundane statements such as "The poet says..."

The poet:

"reveals/creates/presents an image of . . . "

evokes a sense of . . .

explores/considers the theme of . . .