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make a mark with hot legs

probably the most asked question for most trainers is "how do I reduce and shape my legs?" Having worked with thousands of women over the years with great success, the shape of your legs can be very much determined by genetics. If your parents have stocky legs, you may have a problem.

But with correct exercises shape can be greatly improved. Our programme is called cosmetic body sculpting; it naturally creates the illusion of giving the legs a longer, more symmetrical look. Taking away the bulky look.

When legs are toned and shapely they will give the illusion of being longer. A bulky look in my opinion will make you look shorter and unfortunately the trend at the moment with trainers is to use heavy weights for reducing the legs. I absolutely think this is a mistake and using heavy weights will make the legs bulky and possibly widen the hips.

That's fine if you want to increase your legs and bum but, to me, shape is more important. Our exercises performed slowly and correctly will not increase the size but will give tone and condition for the complete leg.

Just perform each movement while paying strict attention to form. If you are overweight, the legs will not reduce no matter what exercise you do, so start a good eating plan first.

Also avoid high resistance cross trainers, steppers and spinning. Which again, in my opinion, if the resistance is too high will increase the size of the legs. I hope you have a happy Christmas.

>Pat Henry