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Let’s celebrate Irish beauty

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so you could grab hold of a shillelagh, head west along the road, and hook up with comely maidens for a dance at the crossroads to celebrate.

I'd join you, but I'll be busy looking for distractions from the terrible Oirish accents and offensive Paddy jokes that will be doing the rounds.

For the week that's in it, let's take an auld gander at some great Irish beauty brands. (Begorrah! optional.)

> Given that 2,000-year-old bog bodies have such well-preserved skin, it was only a matter of time before someone thought of harnessing the power of peat in a beauty product.

Og Ireland has done just that from its base in the midlands, creating a range of peat-based products for face and body. Janice Dickinson is a fan, apparently.

This black stuff is said to be great for treating problem skin conditions from acne to psoriasis, and is very hydrating, given its moisture retaining-properties. The signature Face & Body Mask, €34, is 100pc Irish peat. It's a decidedly more civilised way of getting your peat fix than going bog snorkelling. Og Ireland treatments and products are available in selected salons and spas nationwide and online at www.ogireland.com.

> Forget your Diptyqes and your Jo Malones, CLOON KEEN ATELIER in Galway and M A X B E N J A M I N in Enniskerry produce luxurious perfumed candles that look every bit as good as they smell, and their chic yet substantial packaging means they'll make any soak in the tub feel altogether more indulgent.

Scented candles are an extravagance, but at least these lustworthy homegrown items look more expensive than they are.

A Max Benjamin candle will set you back €18. Stockists include Avoca, Brown Thomas and Carraig Donn.

The damage for a Cloon Keen product from its online shop is €24.95 www.cloonkeenatelier.com.

> Made in Galway, Kinvara Skincare products are natural, largely organic and free from preservatives, and ingredients are sourced ethically where possible. Everything is reasonably priced: its best-selling Rosehip Serum is the most expensive item, clocking in at €25.

It's specially formulated for demanding, reactive skin and contains calming aloe vera and blemish-fighting tea tree oil, alongside a mix of nourishing omega-rich oils. Gorgeous.