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Plenty of celebs have decided that their lives would be better without alcohol


Famous teetotaller, Gwyneth (facing page) puts her enviable figure down to the fact that she minds what she eats and her decision to give up alcohol. Gwyneth has drank alcohol in the past and is a reformed smoker, but says that stopping drinking was one of the best decisions she ever made.


Frost, the ex-wife of Jude Law, was once known as a notorious partier. However, the mum of four gave up drinking in 2009 and has since says how much she enjoys her clean lifestyle. "I was never a big drinker. I always had fun at parties."


Ball once claimed that she didn't remember large tracts of her 20s and was photographed on her wedding day to DJ Norman Cook clutching a bottle of whiskey. However, after years of partying she decided to knock drinking on the head and says her decision to quit drinking helped her to get pregnant for the second time.

Leona Lewis

The former X Factor winner is a teetotaller and has criticised those who think they need alcohol to have a good time. She said: "I find some people's attitude to drinking ridiculous. I think it's so funny that people think you have to drink in order to have fun. It's such a stupid mindset."


A recovering drug addict, Davina McCall doesn't drink because, even though she was never addicted to booze, she believes that it could weaken her resolve against drugs.