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just the job for distressed tresses

There are many ways to give your hair a treat.

OJON Restorative

Hair Treatment Plus,


Several years ago, I tried the first incarnation of this stuff.

It was ahead of its time, using a far-flung third world ingredient -- the oil from the nut of the ojon tree, found in the South American rainforest -- on first-world hair. It worked, but it made my hair look darker for a couple of days. This version is lighter, so less worry for blondie-heads ... but I didn't find it as rich and moisturising. Bummed in the extreme.


Intense Moisture Mask,

€4.79 HHHHI

This is a Tesco brand and at those prices, I'd give myself an intensive moisture mask every day. I loved the scent upon application. However, it was only later, when it was time to comb out my hair, that I realised I hadn't used enough. Many tangles.

Upon blow drying, though, my hair was nice and shiny. Will use more in future.

PANTENE 2 Minutes Deep Smoothening Mask, €6.19 HHHII

Smoothening sounds like something that ought to have an entry in

urbandictionary.com. Two minutes is pretty fast and I'm not sure the treatment went all that deep. The packaging is clever in the extreme, however: it's a flip-top tub -- so you don't waste any smoothening goodness from trying to manage it with slippery hands.

PHILIP KINGSLEY Scalp Treatment, €5.79 HHHHI

I like to revisit products I haven't been too mad about in the past. Except when I don't and it feels like the same experience again. Happily, this did not happen here. This treatment is fussy and requires a plastic cap to put over your hair, which did not happen; it worked well nevertheless, and my whole head of hair benefited from my newly happy scalp.

SISLEY Extract for Hair and Scalp, €86.50 HHHHI

I looked at the little bottle and thought, ah, sure, these things with droppers are always useless. Way to keep an open mind! A few droppers worth of this were invigorating. The liquid trickles down over the scalp comprehensively and my roots felt revitalised. I've used it three times, and barely a dent made, so it may end up earning its way. Still, very spendy.