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Jenny's reaping the benefits of route changes


 Jenny Reid has completed a 5k run which had plenty of hills

Jenny Reid has completed a 5k run which had plenty of hills

Jenny Reid has completed a 5k run which had plenty of hills

JENNY'S training is going really well and she sounds like she may have been bitten by the running bug.

When we last spoke I encouraged her to change her route and add more variety to her training which she has done and certainly feels the benefits of mixing it up. Jenny is now running consistently for 45 to 50 minutes. The only obstacle she faces is stopping for water.

She is unable to drink water while running, a problem that faces many joggers. She has to stop for about one minute, usually after about 20 minutes into the run.

This isn't really a huge problem as it is more important to stay hydrated than to keep running. Ideally, we should be able to sip while running (you could carry one of those bottles with the specially designed handle), but not everybody can master this.

In fact, there are two water stations on the Mini Marathon course that I would highly encourage you to take advantage of, particularly if the sunny conditions of the past few years are anything to go by.

Jenny has also joined a local running group which will definitely complement her training. It will help with motivation and also challenge her to keep to a certain level.

She recently completed a 5k run with the group and found it a tough but challenging course as there were plenty of hills and the terrain was quite rough.

As I explained before, hill running will help make us run faster on flat routes, so Jenny should find the Mini Marathon course more to her liking.


Running groups can turn into a social outlet where people go to chat – not that I am discouraging this, but Jenny and the group prefer to listen to their music. She has designed a special playlist which keeps her going.

After 7k Jenny definitely felt like she could keep going, and I would encourage her to really up the distance now for the next few weeks.

In fact, we are going to get together and cover the Mini Marathon route over the next couple of weeks. It would be a great mental and physical boost to complete a 10k before June 2 and would take a lot of the pressure off.

Jenny has been lucky in that she hasn't felt any aches or pains or picked up any injuries since she took up her new running regime. She has been pushing herself but is really feeling the benefits.

Her energy levels are up and even her friends have noticed her great weight loss achievements. Her legs are feeling more toned, and she's reaping the mental rewards from running.

"When I run it's my time, my little treat when I get to listen to my music and afterwards have a bath," she says.

Aside from running, Jenny goes for a walk most days with her son, Hess, so her heart and lungs should be in good shape by June 2, though she certainly doesn't plan to hang up her trainers then – she plans to keep running. Who knows, it could be a full marathon next.