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Jennifer just can't please some people

FOR years, fashion commentators have been saying Jennifer Aniston has been playing it too safe with her soft and feminine image.

Yet now, she is sporting edgier clothes, including biker jackets, lace-up boots, and aviator sunglasses, some commentators are even going as far as to say the actress is morphing into her biker beau Justin Theroux, who favours black leather and scruffy T-shirts. Before moving to New York to be closer to her actor boyfriend, Jen's signature style had been light-coloured cotton clothes, summer dresses and pashminas. She wore black on the red carpet, yet was just as likely to choose a gown in a pastel or nude colour.

There's no ignoring that Jennifer (42) and Justin (40) have now taken to dressing like identikit twins. Is it a sign that Jen is devoted to her man, or is she simply responding to the urban street style favoured by many of the Big Apple's residents?

On the streets of sunny California, the actress's home for most of her working life, her typical outfit consisted of light-coloured jeans, a T-shirt and a shawl draped over her shoulders. For smarter events, her go-to outfit was an elegant shift dress.

It is a style which sustained her through her relationships with ex-husband Brad Pitt and former boyfriends John Mayer and Vince Vaughn.

Then Jen met Justin, and her style changed from sun-kissed beach babe to urban biker and vamp. We're seeing more cleavage, bolder colours and a grittier street look, not to mention the actress taking more fashion risks such as wearing a plunging metallic dress to last week's Women in Film event.

Grazia magazine summed it up with "Gone is the glossy and groomed LA girl and in her place is a cooler, more rugged Manhattanite."

Jennifer's choice of chunky accessories and her new penchant for Kate Moss-esque fedoras are also marked changes from her previous girlish style.

Perhaps the first sign that she was influenced by Justin's style was when she got the name of her deceased dog Norman tattooed on her foot earlier this summer. Theroux, who has appeared in the film Miami Vice and who wrote the screenplay for Tropic of Thunder, has a series of tattoos on his legs.

Whether it's love of Justin or living in New York City which has changed Jennifer's dress sense, one thing is certain, after years of looking very samey, Jen was ripe for a change in the fashion stakes.