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I've seen the light and can get back to the skin I'm happy in

Like most women my quest for flawless skin continues. Having put up with pretty awful acne in my 20s I got such a thrill when it finally cleared up years later. I still get the odd spot but Dermalogica's Special Clearing Booster keeps it in line.

Which is why the stupidest thing I ever did skin-wise was not using sufficient protection while on holidays while taking an antibiotic -- which can make you photosensitive. Cue pigmentation marks around the eyes and upper lip, similar to those which pregnant women and new mums can suffer from. It was my own stupid fault, as all I needed was a big hat and lots of factor 50. And given that I knew it was all my own fault, I really felt like a dumb ass.

It eventually faded but once you have experienced skin pigmentation, marks can flare up due to not using sunscreen even during the winter, medication, being on the Pill, etc.

I did a course of chemical peels which were excellent but not enough to fix my particular problem. So when a friend told me about IPL I scooted off to the Derma Clinic in Blackrock where owner Patricia Molloy assessed me.


Patricia has had her own skin issues over the years which makes her very sympathetic. She's also honest about what to expect from any course of treatment that she offers. For me she could see that IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) would help but warned that I would need to look after my skin from here on in and that there would be a good chance the pigmentation marks could return, albeit in a milder form. So far I've had two treatments and I cannot believe the results. The treatment is suitable for a lunchtime slot and you look perfect afterwards. Some days after the IPL dark areas of skin just disappear -- there's no peeling -- and freckles go too.

There's one more session to go and a lifetime of factor 50!

But it delivers what it says on the tin and I have my happy face back on. >Dee O'Keeffe

The Derma Clinic has outlets in Blackrock (01 278 8211) and Tallaght (01 414 7780)