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Armies of women carrying yoga mats will be heading for Harold's Cross next weekend for the eagerly anticipated visit to Dublin by international yoga guru Lynn Whitlow.

Lynn is considered one of the top female yoga teachers in the US, and is the founder of Funky Door Yoga, the renowned Bikram yoga studio with locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

The popular teacher has studied extensively under Indian yoga teachers Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, a fact which will mean a lot to the growing army of Bikram yoga babes across the city.

Bikram is the hot form of yoga we're hearing a lot about these days, and is a series of yoga poses done in a heated room. It is synthesised from traditional hatha yoga techniques, and initially became popular in the early 1970s.

Lynn will conduct a master class at Bikram Yoga Dublin, Harold's Cross on Friday, November 25 at 8.30pm, and a seminar on Saturday, November 26 at 11am at the same venue.

She will also conduct a seminar at Bikram Yoga, D15 on Sunday, November 27, time to be confirmed on www.bikramdublin.ie.

According to Anne Leonard, founder of Bikram Yoga Dublin the seminars last around five hours, will include a Bikram beginner's class, and are priced at €55.

Says Anne: "Attendees can expect a deeper understanding of the whys of what we do in the 26 posture series, along with medical, biochemical, physiological and psychological explanations of what is happening to your body throughout the series.

"The master class will last approximately two hours and cost €25."

Yoga guru Lynn is looking forward to her return visit to Dublin, having first visited here five years ago. Students and teachers travel from all over the world to her studio in California for inspiration and mentoring.

Lynn says: "There is no such thing as pacing yourself in Bikram yoga. As you move through the series, each posture builds on the next, and you gain energy. It follows a very simple moral principal in life; the more you give, the more you receive."

For further information contact anne@bikramyoga.ie or annemarie@bikramdublin.ie