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I'm not getting cold feet about the marathon... just wet ones

SO, I walked home from Bikram yoga in Harold's Cross in the lashings of rain on Sunday morning just gone, thinking to myself that if the weather forecast is this bad for the Dublin City Marathon on October 31, I might just stay under the duvet.

Turn the phones off.

Keep the lights off.

Pretend I no longer exist.

Oh, and do a good food shop the night before so I can really bunker down.

But alas, I have a work and loyalty ethic, instilled by my parents. So having agreed to participate as part of the 'Sparathon' challenge (on behalf of the Spar chain) there is no way in hell that I will drop out -- even if my feet are soaked on the day.

And wet feet are the only thing that bother me about our Irish weather. Forget about a blow dry being ruined -- there is nothing more miserable, weather-wise, than wet feet.

But if I have to do the 26.2 miles in the pouring rain, then so be it. I have decided that if the heavens open on Monday next one way or another I will finish the race - even if my runners feel heavier than my boobs, due to rain soakage.


Last year, I walked it in just over six-and-a-half-hours. I do hope to knock some time off this year by focusing more, but who can say what will happen on the day - bar me crossing or crawling over the finishing line.

This year, I am also doing the event solely for the privilege of having being asked to participate by Spar as a Herald representative. Last year, I collected money for Cheeverstown and they were able to decorate an entire house in their Templeogue estate with the few coins I raised via family and friends.

I haven't got the brass neck to ask the same people for money this year, given the financial turmoil we all face.

But sure what else would you be doing of a Bank Holiday Monday? Oh, hang on, a sec, I know the answer to that question... come in to work after walking 26.2 miles to write a little review on taking part in the marathon.

I sooooo want that medal to justify the experience!