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'I want to feel good and my boys to be proud of me'


 PROUD: Jennifer is aiming to get fit and be a role model for son Hesh

PROUD: Jennifer is aiming to get fit and be a role model for son Hesh

PROUD: Jennifer is aiming to get fit and be a role model for son Hesh

Jennifer Reid (35) is a healthcare assistant, who lives in Kildare with her partner Simon and 20-month-old son Hesh.

Jennifer is hoping to regain her pre-baby body by training for the mini-marathon this year and is aiming to boost her self-confidence with a rocking bikini body for her holidays in September.

Improving her fitness and overall health is also very important to Jennifer, who says she will be dedicating the next 11 weeks to "reclaiming her body".

"I just want my own body back, to get healthier and feel good about myself, self-confidence wise," she says.

While the mother-of-one has tried to get fit before – now she means business.

"I have done some jogging before, but nothing serious. I downloaded the 5k app on my phone and have given it a go, but laziness took over and I began ignoring the little voice at the other end!" she laughs.

"I need someone to give me that shove and that push."

Jennifer admits that she had let her fitness go slightly long before getting pregnant. However, having a baby, despite it being a wonderful and life-changing experience, hasn't helped her body issues.

"I used to swim, but I haven't swum or been very athletic at all for a couple of years, even before I had Hesh," she explains. "I've always ate healthy, but I haven't necessarily been as healthy as I would like."

Jennifer fluctuates between a 14 and 16 dress size. "Depending on how good the shops are to me," she laughs. "In some I'm probably a 22!"

As a relatively new mum, Jennifer also feels that she now has a responsibility to lead by example.

"I just want to feel good and I want my boys – my partner Simon and my son Hesh – to be proud of me as well," she explains.

Jennifer plans to dedicate a realistic four to five hours a week to train over the next number of weeks and is determined to put in the work.

"I want to go the whole hog. I really want to go for it," she says. "I'm excited about it. I think I've been at this point for a long time now, where mentally I'm ready for it and I really want to get as healthy as I can."

Jennifer's background in healthcare is also a factor in her desire to get fit. "In the industry that I'm in, I see so many people with diabetes and young people with health problems, so now, more than ever, I just want to be a really good role model for my son and I want him to be proud of me and know that his mother and his father are healthy, fit and confident," she explains.

Motherhood has also given Jennifer a whole new appreciation for what her body is capable of getting done.

"Even since having my son I feel really powerful," she smiles.

"I feel like a powerful woman and now I want my body to match that mentality!"