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I look thinner and less bloated with new exercise plan

I'VE been following Pat's regime for a fortnight now, and after a 7lb weight loss in week one I was really nervous about getting weighed and measured again, concerned I wouldn't shift any more weight so soon. But I lost another 3lb, taking me down 10lb in total so far.

Not only that, but I've lost 11 and a quarter inches from all over my body in two weeks, including an inch from my neck, three from my hips and two from my thighs. Delighted isn't the word!

However, I've also had a few hiccups. I knew I was intolerant to eggs, but they're so good for my high-protein diet plan that I decided to chance my arm with just the whites, which are low fat and still delicious scrambled.

Unfortunately, my allergy reared its head both times I ate them and left me weak as a kitten during a couple of workouts with Pat, which is irritating to say the least -- it's crap when you're trying and your body isn't responding.


I probably wasn't drinking enough water when outside the gym either, so I've had to watch my hydration levels and steer clear of salty foods. I've been sore a couple of days, too, as every workout is different and my body hasn't got used to the sudden strain yet.

Besides all that, though, the diet is going well and I am feeling fitter -- I'm able to get through intensive body conditioning classes when other people throw in the towel.

I won't lie, I'd murder a bag of chipper chips, but I haven't succumbed. Perhaps I'm being so good because I know I'm going to America in a couple of weeks and that avoiding temptation while in holiday mode will be really tough.

However, I'm going to keep up my workouts when I'm away, because if I come back heavier I won't be a happy bunny. I had my gait analysed in Life Style Sports, and got fitted for a pair of runners that are making training much easier -- it's amazing what the right gear can do for your confidence and productivity.

I'm noticeably thinner now, and look less puffy and bloated. I am tired and busier than normal -- the novelty of working out five times a week and eating so strictly is wearing off, but when I'm seeing such good results it keeps me on the straight and narrow.


I'm also sleeping better than ever before, going to the loo regularly, which I never did, and my skin has a healthy glow -- although that could just be sweat!

My friends and family are impressed that I've stuck it this long, as I was so unhealthy before and I'm not great at keeping up with routines.

They're also amazed at my ability to turn down junk food I would've previously devoured without thinking. In fact, my best friend Nadia has asked on more than one occasion "Who are you and what have you done with Vicki?"

My boyfriend Eoin has to put up with the downsides of living with somebody undergoing a life-changing experience. He listens to me moan, rubs me when I'm sore and puts up with my prolonged absences and the lack of chips in the house.

However, he has expressed a renewed interest in my tightened up figure, so it's not all bad...