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Howard's way to having a happy face

It's refreshing to hear a leading dermatologist talking about how feeling good about ourselves can enhance how we look and make us appear instantly more attractive.

"I think the 20s can be a challenging time for a woman who is getting to know herself and her place in the world," says Dr Howard Murad, the man behind the Murad premium skincare range.

"She has many concerns with work and friends and relationships, and maybe she isn't focused on looking after her skin. If you carry out a test on the skin of an eight-year-old you will see how already there can be damage from the sun and the environment," he says.

"So, I encourage women to start taking care of their skin from a young age. I also encourage young women to smile more often," says the dermatologist.

"I cannot emphasise enough how being positive and smiling improves all our appearances. Women in their 20s feel under a lot of pressure and may not smile as spontaneously as they would as children," says Dr Murad.


"I have this thing I use in my own life and I call it 'Just be'. I'm 73 and I continue to travel the world and fill my days productively and I believe it's down to this daily practice.

"I sit still for a few minutes and I just be. I don't think and I don't plan and I don't feel. I simply allow myself to be. I find this benefits my health and gives me a sense of serenity which of course is good for the face and skin," he says.


Dr Murad launched the Murad premium skincare line in 1989 and today it is available in 46 countries and has grown into a comprehensive skincare line, including topical products, as well as supplements designed to keep skin looking healthy from the inside out.

Murad skincare line is probably best known for its many award-winning anti-ageing products. Therapie Clinic on Molesworth Street is the flagship outlet here.

Dr Murad's holistic approach to beauty means he's also keen to sell young women lifestyle advice, cautioning them not to take their youthfulness for granted.

Instead, women in their 20s should be constantly hydrating their skin and eating water-based foods.

He added: "Sun damage can happen at a young age, in fact if you examine the skin of children who are exposed to the sun regularly and without sunscreen, you will see evidence of fine lines and damage which will become more apparent as they age."