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How to get back on track when you're sick of the gym

LAST week I suggested that you try to step up your training to twice a day with a cardio workout in the morning and weights in the afternoon.

However, some people find it hard to exercise in the morning, particularly with weights.

It's not unusual to feel a little nauseous if you work out first thing in the morning and if this happens to you, it is advisable for you to take a break from your training and return to it when you feel back to normal.

This doesn't mean that you are not fit, it can occur in the fittest people.


It can be caused by two things. Firstly, if you don't have breakfast before your workout. So be sure to eat something small just to get your system up and running to avoid that sick feeling.

The other reason is that when stimulated by exercise (especially weight-training), the pituitary gland secretes a tiny drop of growth hormone, which can make us feel nauseous.

It may only happen once, but don't worry if it does, it normally passes. If it persists, go to a doctor to make sure there is no other reason for this.

Quite often, the exercise that causes this to happen are squats -- they work the legs, which are the engine of the body. You will notice your breathing increase and your heart rate go up when you squat, so exercise at your own pace.

We are including some yoga movements in our programme to work on posture and to strengthen the lower back. The Bow and the Cobra work on giving flexibility and strength to the lower back and this is really important for keeping the shoulder and neck in the correct position.

The abdominal exercises will strengthen your core, giving you more flexibility and loosening up your legs and lower back. If your back is tight, you will find this affects your hips and hamstrings.

Stick to your routine of doing an hour of weight-training in the morning and an hour of cardio in the afternoon and evening, six days a week.

You've only a few weeks to go now!

Pat's Verdict on Vicki

By doing stretching exercises, Vicki's posture and flexibility has improved a great deal.

Her head and shoulders are now in line, which gives her a much more balanced look when she stands straight.

Her waist, hips and legs look much longer and her body has a more symmetrical look.

Due to the pressures of her new job, Vicki is finding it more difficult to train as hard as she has in the past and so she gained a pound this week. This was the first week she gained weight and her diet had lapsed a bit, but she shouldn't be too disheartened. She should aim to get back on track as she only has a few weeks to go.

Balancing work, children, cooking meals etc is hard and will test your commitment.

Early-morning training is often the answer because no matter what happens during the rest of the day, your workout is done.

Try getting up an hour earlier. You'll get used to it, your energy levels will increase and you will find that you sleep better, which is important for your health. >PAT HENRY