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How to choose a great look

It is one of the hardest make-up items to buy, so before you lay down serious cash on a new foundation, how do you know what to look for?

Normal-to-dry skin

You'll probably find that a lot of formulations make your face feel tight and flakey by lunchtime, so you need a hydrating base. Look for products that include some oil in the mix, as the emollient properties will suit you. Steer clear of mattes and aim for something with a slightly illuminating or dewy finish to help pep up a lack-lustre complexion. Definitely avoid anything long-wear.

Combination-to-oily skin

The hardest skin-type to treat for skincare and make-up, you'll get on well with matte bases that have shine-tamping properties. Avoid glowy, dewy bases as they won't have the longevity to stay in place and will add to sebum-control problems. Foundations with silicones will help achieve a smooth result, and long-wear formulations can also be great for this skin-type.

Mature skin

Avoid anything oil-free and look for hydrating, nourishing formulations. If it says 'moisturising' or 'hydrating' on the pack then you're on the right track. Coverage should be no more than light-to-medium. While it is tempting to camouflage skin with a thick layer it will sit into lines and wrinkles and make you look older.