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One week down and I'm feeling positive after a shaky start because I lost almost 7lbs already. I couldn't believe it, but I suppose a massive lifestyle overhaul will do that to a girl! I hadn't noticed any major physical change, but I suppose I didn't have to beat myself into my leather pants this week either. My boyfriend said my bum felt different (in a good way, apparently) and I have noticed a change in my face. All in all, I'm just less puffy, so I'm thinking the majority of that weight was water.

It hasn't been easy though. My first personal training session with Pat was a wake-up call to say the least, and I realised that this was going to be more of a Herculean mission than I'd first thought.


To say it was hard was an understatement -- quite frankly I was in shock at what my body was expected to do. I managed to get through 20 repetitions of different kinds of lunges, squats, weight-lifting, crunches, high kicks, step exercises and more, all on top of 20 minutes of cardio, but when I got through the door and saw my boyfriend, who asked if I was okay, I burst into tears. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep it up.

However, I went back the next day for an intensive body blitz lunchtime class, and found myself enjoying the sweat and strain, and feeling weirdly euphoric that I managed to get through it.

If I stumbled, I was helped, but I was also pushed further than I thought possible. The rest of the week followed in a similar vein and then the dreaded pain kicked in. The DOMS -- delayed onset muscle soreness -- was punishing all weekend. The fronts of my thighs were pulsing with pain and I was barely able to walk up or down the stairs.

However, when they passed, I felt superhuman. I'm assured they won't be that bad again. Hmmm.

I thought the low GI diet would be the hardest part, but I've been finding it surprisingly easy -- so far. Two units of alcohol a week is a total bummer, but shows just how much I had been drinking before.

I miss jellies, too -- they are simply forbidden, as is popcorn, so cinema trips aren't going to be much fun -- avoiding the movies for the moment, so.

I love meat, so eating lots of it is no problem for me and I like brown rice, pasta and bread -- it's weird not having my usual potato waffles or oven chips, but I always knew they were no good.

I have an incredibly sweet tooth, though, and would normally eat biscuits for breakfast: I'm waiting for those cravings to kick in, but they haven't yet.

You're allowed a treat night on the diet, but it's not worth going crazy. I had a snack- size Snickers and two glasses of red wine on Saturday night, and while I could have eaten more, I just know it's not worth it to give in so soon and ruin all my hard work.

It means I'm having to forego nights out at the moment, as it's not only the boozing and snacking on the night that's dangerous, but the fact that I won't be able to work out the next day if I go partying -- it's tough enough without a hangover.

I'm quite the social butterfly, so that's shaping up to be the toughest part and I do feel completely boring when I cry off citing my training as an excuse. I'd better look smoking hot at Christmas.

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