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Give your body a treat


 Ruth Scott. Photo: Douglas O'Connor

Ruth Scott. Photo: Douglas O'Connor

Ruth Scott. Photo: Douglas O'Connor

WITH any luck, since you started training and started treating your body like a temple (you just thought Temple of Doom, didn't you?), your body has become more used to good things, like fruit and vegetables, and healthy fats.

One splurge won't break those good habits. However, if you're normal and, like a lot of people, find the lure of sugar irresistible, it's particularly difficult at Easter.

Maybe you ate more than one egg. Maybe you even ate more than three or four this weekend. Maybe the little bags of sweets from inside the eggs have been stashed for later consumption . . .

The solution is not to lock yourself away from the treats. It comes back to setting goals. Decide that you're going to have your next chocolate in a week's time or after you've gone out and trained hard this week.

I don't mean we should use food as a reward but to create gaps between the treats. Instead of something sweet after dinner every night, can you do without it every second night? Then stretch it to every third or fourth night.

You really have to savour the stuff. Wait until the kids are in bed or the dishes are done. If it helps, imagine Michael Fassbender, in a tuxedo, feeding it to you really slowly. Apparently, it gives the body time to realise that we're treating it.

Say no to shoving down half a leftover KitKat and invite Michael Fassbender to the table instead.