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Get bikini-ready and healthy for summer

WITH summer practically upon us, we can enjoy looking forward to the lovely feeling of the warmth of the sun on our bodies, giving us plenty of vitamin D.

To absorb calcium you need vitamin D. Letting natural light on the body is really important for overall health - once you avoid sunburn. Short, all-over-body sun sessions are good for you, but always avoid the sunshine between 12pm and 3pm as at these times the more dangerous rays are strongest.

Putting on a bikini or swimsuit can sometimes be a traumatic experience. You may have gained or lost weight or inches and now need to tone up and firm the arms and backs of the legs.

We stay covered up most of the year, and then the holidays are upon us and we panic. Some people want to lose a stone or more in one week.

This is not the healthy way to lose weight as all they are losing is a lot of muscle and only 1lb of fat. When you lose weight too quickly you lose muscle tone and fitness and actually look softer.

To stay firm you need to increase your protein to at least 75g a day which should in the form of chicken, turkey, fish and lean beef.

Spread your daily food intake over five small meals. Include protein at each of these meals, combined with good carbs, for example sweet potato, and vegetables, salads, peppers, onions, and radishes.

Check out the low-GI foods. Keep away from bread, pasta, rice and anything low fat as it will be high in sugar.

Read the labels and look out for fructose, saccharine, aspartame, dextrose and cane syrup. These sugar substitutes are in most low-fat products, if taken too frequently they will eventually cause an insulin rush. Along with corn oil and palm oil, they are all bad for fat reduction and good health.

When trying to get into shape quickly don't spend hours in the gym - this is a waste of time. The maximum time to spend in the gym would be no more than two 45-minute sessions over the whole day.

For best results, combine the exercises in our bikini workout with fast walking, cycling, swimming or any other aerobic exercise. Remember to keep the pace; aim to walk four miles in one hour and don't dawdle - move briskly.

Our bikini workout, combined with cardio sessions three to four times a week and a good eating plan, will tone you up quicker than anything else.


In my opinion, heavy weights for women result in a chunky look, taking away natural curves. Also I see many women getting an unfeminine look from using heavy kettle bells in their training.

These weights are fine for athletes who are going for a physique which, I think, is unflattering.

To achieve a good figure, in my opinion, I would recommend neither spinning nor cross trainers set at high resistance levels. These will widen your hips and bulk up the top of your legs.

Resistance that is too high can lead to bulk. When you train with too heavy weights or resistance for the legs you will not burn fat, as the fat will stay there to protect you from the high levels of pounding, and the body's natural reaction will be to build up rather than slim down.

Follow our programme over a long period of time and keep the results permanently, not just for the summer.

Having the body tighten up is a wonderful feeling: clothes fit better, posture improves, confidence and well-being are emphasised.

These are just some of the benefits of your training. But, for now, follow our eight-week exclusive summer bikini programme which will be starting next week.

Before any exercise programme it is always advisable to get checked by your doctor, especially if you have any existing medical or back problems