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Formula for the perfect hourglass figure

Women hoping to match the curves of celebrities such as Kate Winslett and Grainne Seoige have been given a target to aim at after experts calculated a formula for the perfect hourglass figure.

The bust size and ratios of the thigh-height and hip-waist ratio are the crucial dimensions. However, the curviness and symmetry of the figure are also important, according to researchers.

A DD or E cup is considered the optimum bust size, while the ideal thigh-height ratio – calculated by dividing the thigh's thickest circumference by total height – is 0.3, according to researchers.

The hip-waist ratio is reached by dividing the circumference of the waist by that of the hips – with 0.7 being the optimum result – and scores of one to five are assigned for "body curve line" and "body symmetry" based on visual assessment.

The higher the total score, the more perfect the hourglass shape, researchers said.

Dr David Holmes, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Manchester who worked with the supermarket chain Asda to devise the formula, said: “The human curve has come to represent the healthiest and most fertile form, highlighting the most suitable breeding partner and has evolved to be universally attractive to males for that reason.

"The perfect curve also impacts on other females creating mixed responses of both respect and jealousy.”

A survey conducted as part of the research found that 72pc of men are attracted to curvier women – citing a full bust, small waist and rounded bottom as the most attractive physical attributes – while 63pc of women would prefer to look like curvier celebrities such as Grainne Seoige, Kate Winslet and Alesha Dixon than slimmer stars like Cheryl Cole.

How to calculate your curves

Hip-waist ratio

Divide the circumference of your waist by that of your hips. Look up the value nearest to yours on the list below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.

0.7 – 5

0.65 or 0.75 – 4

0.6 or 0.8 – 3

0.55 or 0.95 – 2

Less than 0.5 or more than 1.00 – 1

Thigh-height ratio

Measure around your thigh at its largest point (just below the gluteal fold) and divide this by your height (using the same units). The perfect thigh is around a third of your height, according to researchers, with lower scores indicating that the thigh is too thin in proportion to the rest of the body. Look up the value nearest to yours on the list below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.

0.28 to 0.3 – 5

0.27 or 0.31 – 4

0.32 to 0.35 – 3

0.36 to 0.38 – 2

More than 0.38 or less than 0.27 – 1

Bust band difference

With a firmly held cloth tape, measure the circumference directly below your bust and subtract this from the loosely measured girth at the widest point of the bust. Look up the value nearest to yours on the list below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.

5 or 6 (DD-E) – 5

4 or 7 (D or F) – 4

3 or 9 (C or G) – 3

2 or 11 (B or H) – 2

Less than 1 or more than 12 – 1

Prototypical Symmetry

Estimate the nearest description to your prototypical symmetry below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.

No face or body asymmetries or distinctions – 5

Minor facial distinctions – 4

Minor body and face distinctions – 3

Notable body and face distinctions – 2

Very individual character and appearance – 1

Individual curve

Estimate the nearest description to the line of your own body curve below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.

You have smooth unbroken curves rounded at every point on your body without a straight line in sight – 5

Your trunk bust and thighs curve into each other smoothly – 4

Your waist/hips or bust/waist lack concave curves – 3

Your waist/hips and bust/waist lack any concave curves – 2

You are mostly straight lines and bulges – 1

To calculate your perfect curve score

Add the scores for your bust size and thigh-height ratio to those for your hip-waist ratio, then multiply the sum by the score for body curve line and finally add the score for body symmetry. (BBD+THR+HWR) xBCL)+BS

Your perfect curve score

You are perfectly curved: 70-80

You share your scores with many attractive celebrities: 50-69

You will be noticed at events for your appearance: 40-49

You have a balance of shape and individuality: 30-39

You may wish to alter your appearance with modern clothing: 20-29

Try using enhancing clothing and reflect on your lifestyle if you want to change your appearance: 10-19

You are a true individual: 4-9

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