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Follow my training tips if you want to perk up your assets

WITH Vicki having lost a considerable amount of inches from her bust area, the real inch loss would be from her upper back, which is where women normally accumulate fat.

The upper back is one of the largest muscle groups in the body and if it's not worked out, it will become very soft, giving a bloated look from the bust to the soft area left and right of your bust.

No amount of camouflage will cover up this area, but the good news is that when you start training and changing your diet, the fat will start to disappear -- firstly from the upper back, giving your bust a more balanced look.

In this week's exercises, we are working the chest. When this area is exercised it will tone up all the muscles above your bust, avoiding the gravity pull downwards that causes saggy breasts.

These movements will also help your posture, which will automatically pull in your tummy, lift up your bust and straighten your back.

If you find your weights are too light, just increase them from two kilos to three or four kilos.

And don't worry, you won't get big muscles by increasing the weights, it will just give you more tone.

You'll know if the weights are too light, if, at the end of the workout you are not feeling a slight burn or tightness in the area you are working.

Either stick with three fast sets of 20 or move on to four sets. However, it is not advisable to do more than 45-60 minutes of weight workout.

Do your weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, do one hour of aerobic activity. This can be tennis, dancing, hockey, football or a class in a gym -- do something that you enjoy. And don't forget to stick to the healthy eating plan as much as possible.

Pat's verdict

on Vicki

With Vicki being away on holidays , the worry was she might undo all the good hard work we had put in, so the big weigh-in day came on Friday last.

As Vicki nervously stepped on the scales, she was aware that before her holidays, she was 10st 12lbs, one stone down already, but she did not need to worry as her new weight was 10st 9lbs, which is fantastic as she had lost another 3lbs.

This result is a great credit to her, as continuing her programme while on holiday can't have been easy.

Also she has lost more inches from her body even though she was away. She lost an inch and a quarter from her thighs, half an inch from her calves, an inch from her waist, three quarters of an inch from her tummy and half an inch from her bicep. Overall it was a positive result and Vicki also managed to have a good time.

However, on the way back she picked up a chest infection, probably from the air conditioning on the aeroplane. It can have a really bad effect on those who have dust allergies or asthma. So Vicki will have to take a break for a few days until the infection clears up.


Training with a chest infection is not a good idea as exercise can stimulate the breathing, making you cough a lot. Also, jetlag can play havoc with your system and cause the body to retain fluid. So definitely full marks to Vicki for determination, she's not letting anything stand in her way.

I have no doubt that she will reach her target before Christmas and so should you. Keep to your progamme during the week and enjoy a rest from the exercise on Sunday.

> pat henry