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Find balance in face balm

It seems counter-intuitive to use something that is essentially oily on your face, when many of us strive to mitigate the essential oiliness of our skin.

It's not, and face balms are a great way to pamper your skin into balance. If you suffer from dry skin, then I hope you know all about these miraculous products already! Here are a few that got given a go, with the usual mixed results.

DECLEOR Baume Excellence (Baume de Nuit Régénérant), €60 * * *

Another French brand, the heads at Decleor let you know straight up to use this one in the evening. This is 30ml, as opposed to Darphin's 15, and on the face of it (ha ha) you'd think you're getting a bargain. But I didn't find this gave me as much of a 'treatment' feeling, and my skin felt that bit too tacky after it absorbed.

LUSH Ultrabalm, €10.95 * *

Most of Lush's products are recognisable from their glorious signature scents. Now, okay, the stuff is handmade, and maybe the person who made this batch wasn't on their game, but this didn't smell nice at all.

Imagine my chagrin when I slathered this all over my face and became overwhelmed by an odour not unlike cheese. (Nothing specific, like gorgonzola, just a general cheesy pong). Totally bummed, given the price.

TRILOGY Everything Balm, €16.95 * * * * *

This has it all going on. At a hefty 45ml, it is not pricey and smells gorgeous. I should take a star off for texture -- it's not as rich as those fancy French brands -- but you can carry this around and lash it on without fearing a shiny-face. It absorbs in a finger snap, and leaves your skin feeling pampered and loved. Also, you can use this everywhere. If my elbows could sigh with contentment, they would.