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Fashion tips for autumn

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your make-up bag is one key product from the current season. These newbies all focus on the eyes -- take your pick and let your peepers shine!

back to black Black is the new black at Yves Saint Laurent and the brand's aptly named Noirs Couleurs make-up collection for autumn/winter 2011 is now on sale nationwide. This release is all about the various tones of black -- anyone who's tried to mix and match black separates putting an outfit together knows there's more than one -- and the whole thing feels opulent, wonderfully wintry and maybe a tiny bit goth. But goth in the most glamourous way possible, you understand.

Noirs Couleurs is an edition for eyes and nails, and there are six new shades of False Lash Effect Shocking mascara (€31, right) and False Lash Effect Cream Eyeliners (€28) on offer, including bronze, cherry and jade black. Oh, and there are three gorgeous limited edition La Laque nail polishes (€20) to be had, too, in black bronze, black lapis, and black indigo.

>shimmer and shine

If YSL's new noirs are too rich for your blood (and your bank balance), check out the Luminizer line from L'Oréal Paris instead. Three co-ordinating liquid eyeliners (€9.85) and mascaras (€16.99) look black at first glance, but on closer inspection are shot through with hints of shimmering amethyst, emerald, or sapphire. Shades like these are often easier to wear than true black, which can be quite severe on pale, fair-haired types, and the Luminizer products have the added benefit of intensifying the colour of hazel, green, or blue eyes.

Gimmicky as that may sound, it's true. I tried the amethyst and emerald shades on my own muddy hazel-greens and the sapphire on my sister's sparkly baby blues and was pleasantly surprised to find that they did make our mince pies noticeably more green and blue respectively.

>colour up

This business of producing make-up to enhance eye colour is a theme that runs through a number of the season's releases, and Smashbox is also in on the act.

Its Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palettes (€39, above) contain a generous six eyeshadows in shades to suit brown, blue or hazel eyes.

Three of the shadows are geared to daytime wear and three to night, so the palettes are pretty versatile, and there's a label under each one with easy-to-follow application tips as well as a QR code that you can scan with a smartphone to watch an application video.