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Face up to day cream

Following on from the 'just say no to lizard face' theme set last week, let's move on to face cream or, to be more specific, day cream. Yes, indeed, this is the stuff with which to greet your face in the morning. Me, I like a moisturiser that sinks in almost immediately, as I'm not fond of mornings and put them off for as long as possible. So, the faster something absorbs, the happier I am. Oh, also -- a rich texture is a must.

CLARINS HydraQuench Cream, €47 * * * * * When a face cream is good, it makes you want to slather on more and more, and massage it deeper and deeper into your epidermis. This cream is good. Very lightly scented, and wonderfully thick, the texture encourages you to pamper your skin, and want to keep pampering it for hours. Enjoy this one, it is the business.

EUCERIN Hyaluron-Filler: Wrinkle Filling Treatment Day, €19.99 * * * *

Scary-sounding scientific name! I have more belief in the Easter Bunny than I do in 'wrinkle filling', but this lot are so seriously science-y that I'm willing to give it a try. It's so thick and rich, and yet absorbs so quickly, that I had to love this whether or not it actually fills wrinkles. I'll get back to you after I use it up -- which may be soon because it feels great.

NUXE Anti-ageing Re-densifying Cream, €43 * * * This has good texture, but it was way too scented. This is just too much, too near the nose. It doesn't feel like it absorbs smoothly either, so I wouldn't use this regularly.

OLAY Total Effects Day Moisturiser, €19.99 * * * * *

I love the smell of Olay. It smells so good, and so comforting -- perhaps it makes me think of my mum. Total Effects updates the brand, and I found it to be really, really good. This is creamy and sinks into the skin in a fingersnap, and seems to add a nice subtle iridescence -- or maybe I just have stars in my eyes.

BURT'S BEES Radiance Day Lotion, €11.95 * * * *

Just because we're not bronzing doesn't mean we can't sparkle. Like the body lotion in this line, this face cream has shiny bits in it: not so much that you look like a billboard on Broadway, but enough to sparkle like a holiday. The oatmealy smell I could do without, otherwise, go on and light up your life!