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Face masks do more than cover our faces

A good face mask cannot be overpraised - it's not only a treat for your skin, it's a treat for your whole self. Pick one and put your feet up.

VOYA Masquerade, €35 HHHII This may suit super-sensitive types. The line is always remarkable for its use of natural seaweed and this very light masque is no exception. It was deliciously cooling . . . but felt fairly sticky.

CLARINS Pure and Radiant Mask with Link Clay, €25.50 HHHHH This is a cooling gel mask, that smoothes on like a dream and totally feels like it is getting down into those pores and cleaning them right out! Big love for this one.

LUSH Natural Masks: Cupcake HHHHH and The Sacred Truth HHHHI, both €8.90. Cupcake is directed towards teens and The Sacred Truth is for those of us who are ageing. The latter is green and gooey and you look like a zombie when it's on. The scent is fine, but nothing compared to Cupcake. It is chocolate! It feels and looks like cake icing! It is capital F-U-N! And my non-adolescent skin looked radiant.

ORIGINS Drink Up Intensive: Overnight Mask to Quench Skin's Thirst, €30 HHHHI Yikes, thought I: an overnight mask? How's this going to work? The minute I lay down my weary head, it's going to gunk up my pillow! This sinks in like a shot, so give it 10 minutes before you hit the scratcher, and you'll be grand. You'll be more than grand, because this is a terrific night- time treat for your face.

SISLEY Express Flower Gel, €87 HHHII Uh . . . face the day with a mask on? The directions on this one state that you let it soak in for three minutes and then blot away the excess. And then? My skin looked bright, but it also felt a little tacky.

DERMALOGICA Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, €40.20 HHHHI This is an amazing concoction, full of vitamins and botanicals and all sorts of good things. I tend to leave this on until it is almost all soaked up as it feels so good -- 10 to 15 minutes is plenty, actually. I felt a slight tackiness after removal, but otherwise this masque is a wonderful hydration festival.