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eye up how you dazzle after dark

Party time! Judiciously applied eyeshadow can be the anchor for your festive face. How did these five do?

CLARINS Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs in Odyssey, €40, HHHHI These are relatively low key, until you add a touch of that glorious gold. You can go from desk to dance floor with this, no problem -- but you will need the gold to perk things up, as the colours tend go a bit bland towards the end of the day.

LUSH Emotional Brilliance Eye Cream in Sophisticated, €17.95, HHHII I do love me some cream eyeshadow -- they blend in so well, and give you the look that you thought you could only achieve with a make-up artist. These new eyeshadows from LUSH give you a good look, but I didn't have much luck using more than one colour at once. If you're after a straightforward look, look no further.

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics Wet & Dry No. 19, €56, HHHII Sparkly! Can't get enough sparkle at this time of year. You can blend this down to a low-key shimmer if you want to wear this during the day, and then top it up for evening wear. The upper left colour is ... unique and I didn't get much use out of it -- and at those prices, you really want to use every bit, don't you?

TRISH McEVOY Beauty Emergency Card for Eyes, €45, HHHHI This has everything you need to give yourself everything from a workday eye to a smokey one, including a brow definer, and all in a teeny, tiny package. It's also a logical-looking palette, because the squares are small; I've never used up eyeshadow and I am a professional eyeshadow wearer! I don't have a retractable eyeshadow applicator, though; this mitigates the effectiveness of the smallness of this.

ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color in Film Noir, €20, HHHHH Speaking of The Smokey Eye: this look has a tough learning curve, with a very fine line between Smokey and Bruisey. If you prefer not to look like you've gone a few rounds with the champ and lost, give this a try. The pigments are rich and have great staying power.