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Eat your way to a fabulous complexion

hectic lifestyles display themselves on our faces in wrinkles, spots and puffy eyes. Yet, by eating the right foods, we can improve our appearance and glow with health. Here are five foods which are believed to make a tired face fresh again.

> Salmon for blemishes

Dr Nicholas Perricone's Wrinkle Cure system touts the fish as a skin-saving miracle food. Salmon, along with tilapia, trout, herring and sardines, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are crucial to the growth and functioning of body organs and help to diminish inflammation. Dr Perricone believes that if you eat plenty of salmon and stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, you'll regain the glow you had when you were a teenager.

> Bananas for puffy eyes

Fluid retention can be responsible for a puffy face and bags under the eyes. It can be treated by redressing the body's sodium/potassium balance. Too little potassium -- or too much salt-- is a common causes of water retention. You can increase your intake of potassium through foods such as bananas, strawberries, melon and papaya.

> Wholegrain bread for complexion

Wholegrains offer lots of nutritional benefits such as vitamins and minerals, and a high fibre content. This helps give you a healthy digestive tract, which is very important for your complexion -- after all, if your body is unable to get rid of waste properly, toxins will build up and will show on your skin.

> Garlic for curing acne

Garlic is a natural antibiotic with blood-cleansing, immune-boosting and antibacterial properties, and is an effective way to treat acne -- particularly when eaten raw and crushed. It can help reduce breakouts, while its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce swelling.

> Avocados for preventing wrinkles

The healthy fats contained in avocado do wonders for your skin. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, avocados will moisturise from the inside and increase collagen production, helping to prevent wrinkles.

Model Miranda Kerr, who recently had her first child with actor husband Orlando Bloom, loves avocados. “I eat extremely healthily because when I do, I have more energy. I love spinach, avocado, lots of greens and broccoli.”

The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado can also help to reduce acne and psoriasis, while the high levels of vitamin E will help to keep your skin supple and prevent premature ageing.