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Downgrading your beauty regime in winter

It's probably a cardinal sin for a beauty writer and certainly not something I should be admitting publicly, but every winter my beauty routine undergoes a downgrading as serious as anything Moody's or Standard & Poor's could dole out. I'm not particularly high maintenance anyway, but I'm less inclined than ever to hang around in the nip beautifying myself as the temperature plummets.

Why bother standing around shivering while shaving or moisturising your legs when you could hide 'em away in a pair of black opaque tights, right?

Here's my pick of multi-tasking marvels that will suit anyone of a similar mentality.

Lush is a brand that I haven't had much time for in the past, mostly because the distinctive, overpowering smell of their stores has the ability to bring on a headache even before I make it across the threshold. However, I've recently discovered that they do a nice line in time-saving, multi-tasking products, so I guess I'll just have to put up with the olfactory onslaught from now on if I want to keep cutting corners during the colder months.

An old favourite, Lush Buffy Body Butter, ¤8.90 (formerly and quite hilariously known as Buffy The Backside Slayer, until some legal wrangling forced a name change) is a solid exfoliating bar for use in the bath or shower that contains a triple threat of ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans to vanquish dead skin cells.

Cleverly, it also contains cocoa butter and shea butter, which leave a smooth, non-greasy balm on skin and do away with the need to moisturise post-shower.

Their new Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, ¤19.95 meanwhile, works on exactly the same principle as hair conditioner, only it's for your bod rather than your barnet.

It's jam-packed with nourishing ingredients, including the eponymous argan oil, and dead easy to use: smooth onto wet skin, rinse off, and towel dry to leave a veil of moisture on the skin.

The original Too Faced Shadow Insurance, ¤21.52, eyeshadow primer is a staple in my make-up bag but I'll be upgrading to the recently released Lemon Drop version just as soon as it runs out. The latter contains brightening and colour correcting yellow pigments to counteract redness as well as keeping eyeshadow on lockdown.

>Find Lush in Dublin at 116 Grafton Street and 33 Henry Street >Too Faced is availablefrom ASOS.com and lookfantastic.com