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Comfort Eating

Hangovers call for high-carb, high-fat, salted foods that are quick and easy to make (or order).

Bacon sandwich: The quintessential hangover breakfast has been cited as a bona-fide hangover cure by scientists at Newcastle University.

Macaroni and cheese: The ultimate high-carb, high-fat comfort food, particularly if you can find someone to spoonfeed it to you. Marks & Spencer does a delicious ready-made version.

Pizza: Domino's Pizza's phonelines open at noon. Oh, be still thy beating heart. Otherwise, try the 'Mischief' pizza -- chorizo, chicken, onions, garlic, chilli, cajun herbs and green peppers -- from Fire on Camden Street.

The 3 in 1: Battered chicken balls, chips and curry sauce. It generally leaves a lingering taste of self-disgust, but who cares when it tastes this good?

Cure myths debunked

Doctor Niamh Houston debates the merits of folk cures.

Hair of the dog: Yes, a small amount of alcohol will stop some of the effects temporarily, but really you're just prolonging the hangover.

Activated charcoal tablets: Many of these tablets just work by making you drink lots of water. They really just encourage you to rehydrate the body.

Coca-Cola: I've never heard of this. Perhaps it's based on the caffeine content, which is a stimulant and a painkiller. It might make you feel better temporarily, but it won't counter the effects of alcohol.

Effervescent vitamin supplements: Vitamins and minerals won't do you any harm, but they don't work as a specific hangover cure. Again, they might seem to work because they have to be dissolved in water.