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Children will grow up typing faster than they can talk

'MAMMY, Mammy. Picture. Picture. Me.' It's the most excited I've ever seen my toddler.

He came pegging it through the door at breakneck speed with a photo of himself in his hand.

An actual, physical photo, as opposed to a digital image. He was genuinely flabbergasted at what he had in his hand.

It was a futuristic, cutting-edge discovery in his world.

You see, this tiny two-year-old is used to picking up his Mammy's phone and sliding his fingers across the screen to see pictures and videos of himself.

This week research revealed that kids are growing up with obsessive personalities, poor self-control, short attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites.

This generation of children already knows how to edit their life into a shinier, cooler version.

It's learned behaviour because parents are addicted to technology. It starts slowly. An Amiga 500 was the gateway piece of hardware for us. But then you develop a tolerance for it and suddenly you're texting, emailing, tweeting and downloading. Surreptitiously.

This toddler will grow up being able to type faster than he can talk and will check unread emails before missed calls on his phone. When someone asks for his address, he'll give them his email address. And it's so natural he won't even utter a single 'OMG'.