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Celebrity health check: Michelle Doherty, Presenter and Actress

Do you have any ailments/health concerns?

I have some girlie issues which means I have to get smear tests done every six months. It's good to keep on top of these things.

How would you rate your energy levels?

My energy levels are quite high. I'm always on the go so they would need to be.

Do you get your five a day?

It depends on how busy my schedule is. If I'm rushing around from one job to another it's a matter of just eating something, but if I have the time I will factor in my five a day.

How would you rate your stress levels?

They used to be a lot worse. I would get stressed out at the silliest little things, but I think with age you realise it's not going to change anything.

How's your sleep?

Much better now that I'm not getting up at 5am! I try to get eight hours sleep a night.

Do you take vitamins/ supplements?

I don't tend to, I feel if I eat the right foods I don't need them.

Do you exercise?

Yes, I am a big fan of Pilates. Not only is it great for toning up, but I find I relax better when I am doing it. I have also started jogging recently and you can't beat a nice long walk up the Dublin Mountains or along a beach.

Do you cook from scratch?

I wouldn't be the best cook, but I try. It's the best feeling when you have cooked a delicious meal from scratch. When I put my mind to it, I can do it.

How many alcoholic beverages would you consume in a week?

Well it depends on what's on. Some weeks it wouldn't bother me if I didn't have a drink. Other weeks I could have a few nights out and have a couple of glasses of wine.

What would you find hard to give up?

I have a sweet tooth, so I have to have chocolate at least once a day.

Do you have any health goals?

To eat healthy, drink lots of water and keep on top of my health checks. For us ladies it's so important that we check our breasts and have regular smear tests.

Rate My Diet:

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Porridge with cinnamon and pecans.

Lunch: Omelette

Dinner: Chicken casserole

Snacks: Hula-Hoops

Beverages: Green tea and plenty of water

Elsa's Verdict:

Michelle, your diet appears pretty good but I think you would benefit from increasing your fruit and vegetable intake. I'd recommend that you add some fruit such as strawberries and blueberries to your porridge in the morning.

Berry fruits are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants which make our skin glow and will help build your immunity coming into the winter months. You can buy frozen mixed berries in the supermarket, which will thaw out in the porridge.

I'd also recommend that you include more vegetables with your lunch and dinner. Throw spinach, courgette and peppers into your lunch-time omelette and try serving it with some rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes.

And keep portable foods like nuts and oat cakes in your handbag for a healthy snack. It will stop you reaching for Hula Hoops!