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Browbeaten no longer

OMB: Oh My Brows. I've been getting them shaped and waxed since I was a teenager, because they grow like bushy Groucho Marx rectangles. This is not a good look.

You'd think after many years of getting that area waxed, it would hurt less, but it doesn't. I've been to all manner of beauty practitioners, and for me, the high end is occupied by salons whose technicians prevent my eyes from watering in pain.

>Brazilia in South William Street is one such place. Located near the top of the street, the salon is up a few flights of stairs at number 50.

Dani, my waxing expert, lead me to a lovely treatment room, and explained that Brazilia use the Lycon wax system. The stuff didn't look much like the wax I was used to, and was a soothing purple colour. This is a lavender-based concoction with camomile. I was delighted with Dani's work, and the virtually pain-free experience (my nose got itchy, but, seriously, that was about it) is one that I'll be revisiting in future. * * * * *

An eyebrow wax at Brazilia, 50, South William Street, is €15. Ring 01 675 0000

Additionally, I've started using make-up on this area. The first day I used cosmetics to enhance the shape and colour of my eyebrows, I was sure people were going to be pointing and staring, but it isn't that big a deal.

> The Body Shop do a Brow and Liner Kit, €16.95. The applicator is a little bit fiddly until you get the hang of it, and I am not sure which part of the duo was for my brows and which was the liner, but I tried both, and in both ways. The look was fine. * * *

> I found Benefit's Brow Zing, €33, to be a better bet. It comes with two brushes and a tiny set of tweezers, so you are all set to take your new showy brows on the road.

The pigment is long-lasting, and really makes a real difference to your look. * * * * *