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Behind the brand: Lips and tips are the key to success

ONCE, Revlon was one of those exotic brands only available in America (and longed for by Irish beauty fans), with its glamorous celeb-led ad campaigns - Cindy Crawford as the face of the brand was an iconic image of the ’90s.

It’s been in Ireland for quite a few years now though and is probably best-known for its mascaras, nail colours and foundations.

The brand has been responsible for many beauty innovations. It was founded in 1932 by Charles Haskell Revson, his older brother Joseph and a chemist named Charles Lachman (whose name provided the ‘L’ in Revlon).

During the Depression the only shades of nail enamel available were pale and transparent; the Revlon trio created the first opaque nail enamels and sold these door to door.

They were also responsible for the concept of “Matching Lips & Tips”, originating in 1939. Revson was in a restaurant and noticed a woman whose lips did not match her polish so he set about creating a lipstick to match each of the nail shades. The classic ‘Hollywood glamour' shades of Cherries in the Snow and Revlon Red are still big sellers today.

More innovations followed with Revlon creating the first blusher, longwear make-up, and the first mass fragrance (Charlie). Today, big names from the worlds of fashion and beauty are attached to the brand; celebrity make-up artist Gucci Westman creates the looks, Tamara Mellon is on the board of directors and Mario Testino shoots the advertisements.

If you buy just one product:

Make it the multi-award winning nail enamel, priced €9.50. Every season there's a new ‘must-have' shade.

Essential info price range: You can pick up an eye shadow for €7.50.

Where to get it: Selected pharmacies and larger Boots stores

More info on: www.revlon.com