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Beauty corner

Transfer season - Body art was one of the big trends in the spring/summer shows. It appeared in various guises and even turned up at Chanel. Chanel and tattoos?

Yep, it seemed a strange pairing, but the sheets of delicately sketched birds, chains and pearls were a sell-out and spawned dozens of copies on the high street. Les Trompe-L'Oeil de Chanel are available again for summer but be warned; they're surprisingly beautiful and a bit addictive. They cost €55 for 55 tattoos at the Chanel Boutique in Brown Thomas.

Roc steady MTV presenter, Dubliner Laura Whitmore was recently announced as the face of the new ROC Hydra+ 24hr range. The latest product in the range designed for young skin is the Comfort Nourishing Cream (€17.95). Both hydrating and nourishing, it contains vitamin E, B5, minerals and sunflower oil and, according to ROC, continuously moisturises throughout the day. Lightly fragranced, it's quickly absorbed and provides a great base for make-up. Opt for the SPF15 version to protect skin during the day, too. ROC is available at pharmacies.

Hidden gem I have had a tendency to overlook Lush products in the past (probably an after-effect of dealing with too many Bath Bombs when I worked for a magazine) but a beauty-savvy friend is a confirmed fan so I decided to check it out again.

Recently I got to try a tub of the best-selling Lush Dream Cream Lotion (€16.85 for 250g) and I'm hooked! A soothing body lotion, it's chock full of skin-calming lavender, oatmeal and camomile. The texture is gorgeous and it smells wonderful, too. Sure, if it's good enough for Halle Berry, it's definitely worth a go! www.lush.co.uk. >Brenda McCormick