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Beauty boss backs cult skincare label

MAC in vogue: The former editor in chief of Vogue, Paris, Carine Roitfeld (pictured above with designer Karl Lagerfeld) is the latest in a long line of smart celebrity collaborators to team up with cult skincare label MAC, one of the first beauty brands to realise that youth and catalogue-style good looks are not exactly where it's at for many of us.

Known as an edgy and provocative image-maker, Roitfeld's own make-up signature is the smoky eye and this collection creates the perfect backdrop for dramatic eyes.

Look out for limited-edition shades and two new seductive eye and cheek compacts plus the limited-edition, full-face kit (above. €54) -- lots of bang for your buck in that. It's also worth booking in for a tutorial with a MAC representative in their Brown Thomas base. Never underestimate the power of make-up when it comes to transforming your look.

dig out this fossil: Like many brands, Fossil has a signature that makes their satchels, totes, crossbodies and wallets instantly recognisable -- in their case it's the key that adorns each creation. However, it's fair to say that Fossil are just as well known for being practical but 'on trend' too, as well as for excellent quality which makes them durable, a real must for those of us who habitually hock half our lives around in our handbags. For an everyday staple, we're loving the Fossil Explorer Tote in brown, pictured above, €239. As well as the usual female paraphernalia we all seem to 'need', this is also great for holding books or notepads for work or college. It's currently available in selected stores nationwide, including all branches of Kilkenny, but if you're a fan of the brand, TK Maxx regularly stock it so keep your bargain-hunting eyes peeled.

bad-hair day rescue: We all know the angst a bad-hair day can cause -- it doesn't matter how great your outfit is or how cool your accessories are, if your hair is off, so are you. I've never believed that you have to pay a huge amount for beauty products, be they make-up, skincare or haircare. With the latter, a good price point is key as it literally goes down the drain. I've had fun trying out the recently launched Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner (€2.65 each, pictured left) as not only does it leave a light coconut scent in your hair, I can get three days out of one wash without my hair looking lank and greasy or my scalp itching.