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Battle of the bulgy bits

BE HONEST: how many bits of your body do you secretly wish could be magically toned up, slimmed down or otherwise zapped into shape?

We all have less-than appealing body parts, which seem to resist even the most rigorous exercise regimes or draconian of diets. And although there is some cross-over, these differ for men and women because fat is deposited in different areas.

The male form tends to accrue fat primarily on the belly, especially if we're fond of the odd pint or two. A saggy chest, more commonly known as moobs, is also a problem for middle-aged men as time and gravity exert their inexorable pull. Wobbly upper arms — aka bingo wings — are the bane of many women, as are breasts that are unsatisfactory in some way, a squidgy bottom, belly, hips and thighs.

First, the bad news. Although it is possible to “spot-reduce” fat in specific areas, this requires a great deal of technical knowledge and dietary sophistication. So to reduce fat on the belly, say, you need to reduce overall body fat (and, despite the myth, crunches have zero impact on belly fat).

Next, the good. There is plenty you can do for those troublesome body parts, combining muscle-targeting exercise with diet.