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Ab fab

Great abdominals (abs) are achieved by 60pc diet, and the remainder is a combination of genetics and training. Our six-week programme, which starts today, will put you in pole position to get the perfect six pack.

The myth about doing thousands of sit-ups is just that -- a myth. The more sit-ups you do, the wider and thicker your waist and obliques become. This is because if you are continuously working any muscle, it gets bigger. Sit-ups give you a bulging tummy, because the abdominal wall pushes forward.

Doing side-bends with weights can widen the waist on both sides, adding as much as three inches and taking away your natural curves.

Most trainers overlook the complete overall shape of a person and, I believe, give clients a blocky look by advising the wrong exercises to suit the person's shape. In particular, women should be aiming at symmetry, not lumps and bumps on your frame.

To get the best abs, you need to remove fat from all over the body. This is achieved by monitoring your diet very carefully, and avoiding all sugary and junk foods. To lose one pound of fat doing sit-ups, you would need to do 250,000. One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories.

If you want those perfect abs, avoid all white-flour products, cut out rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, cakes and biscuits. All these foods are in the high-glycemic food category. Watch out for sugary foods which may be labelled as sucrose, dextrose, aspartame and saccharin. Also, nearly all low-fat products are high in sugar of some sort or other. You should look out for anything with corn oil or palm oil in it, which are to be avoided. These sugary substances can make you fat. Get used to reading the labels. All junk food and fizzy drinks or cartons of juice contribute to producing a sugar high, then an energy drop. You should stay off beer and cider, and cut down on all alcohol.

I recommend you eat more carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, apples and tomatoes and all bright-coloured vegetables. But be careful not to overdo it with fruit -- remember, sugar, even fruit sugar, can hamper your progress.

You should eat only lean meats (turkey, or chicken) in small portions.

Check out the low-GI index for foods which will keep you going and lose weight.

With regard to the exercises, I recommend you do three sets of these small abdominal movement exercises, each set should build up to 20 reps for each movement -- and remember, less is more.

Don't overtrain or you will never develop the abs into that six pack. Train sensibly and you'll stay on the programme. Reduce the body fat over a long period and it will stay off. The most effective way of reducing body fat is mixing weight and cardio training.

So, if you want to get the perfect six pack, don't miss our six-week programme starting now.