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A medical approach to keep skin smooth

Dr Nicholas Perricone is a certified clinical and research dermatologist (Vogue magazine named him one of the best dermatologists in the US) and is considered something of an expert in the fields of health, beauty and healthy ageing.

He began his practice more than 20 years ago in Connecticut, where he conducted clinical studies and researched the technologies which are the cornerstone of his skincare and supplement range.

Dr Perricone came to the conclusion that cellular inflammation may be the underlying cause of wrinkles. It's not the redness that you can see but rather microscopic irritation that takes place in cells and leads to cellular damage. Dr Perricone believes this inflammation is responsible for skin-related problems such as breakouts, wrinkles and loss of firmness. His approach to ageing treats this inflammation in three ways: diet, nutraceutical supplements and his award-winning line of skincare products.

In 1997 Dr Perricone joined forces with an expert chemist and created a professional line of skincare topical treatments. He later pioneered an advanced formulation of anti-ageing skincare products and supplements.

In 2005, he opened his first flagship store on Madison Avenue, New York, and over the years his scientific studies have resulted in dozens of scientific patents for the treatment of skin and dealing with damage caused by factors such as age, the sun, the environment and hormonal changes.

Dr Perricone has written a number of books, including three New York Times bestsellers (The Perricone Promise, The Perricone Prescription, and The Wrinkle Cure). His Perricone MD range is now available in more than 20 countries.

If you buy just product: Cold Plasma (€150) is high-tech skincare that addresses visible signs of ageing. In an independent four-week clinical study on women between the ages of 20 and 65, 99pc said their skin was soft and smooth and 92pc said their skin looked radiant and healthy.

The fans: Big-name fans of Dr Perricone include Eva Mendes and Uma Thurman.

Where to get it: Harvey Nichols, Dundrum Town Centre or at www.perriconemd.co.uk