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A healthy diet is about balance, not sacrifice

Congratulations to you all for making the wonderful decision to take part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. Setting a goal, like a 10km mini marathon, is a great way to keep motivated with good diet and lifestyle choices.

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle doesn't have to be about sacrifice and rigorous workouts; it's the small things you do that make all the difference. A balanced diet combined with daily physical activity can improve your health and overall well-being.


Over the coming months I will be sharing lots of information and tips on diet and lifestyle in this column that will help you in your preparation for race day and, hopefully, form the building blocks for long-term health and well-being.

Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed working with MasterChef's Nicha Maguire on the Flora Cookbook campaign, helping to make your favourite recipes even more nutritious by, for example, including more vegetables and using good fats and less salt.

This year, I'm delighted to continue to help you in your race day preparation, so if you have any dietary or recipe queries, email them to flora@unique media.ie and I'll do my best to help.

This week, why not try one of the winning recipes featured in the Flora Cookbook? Valerie James' delicious Chi Chi Chicken (opposite) is a nutritious meal which is sure to be a hit with all the family.

Enjoy your race preparation, and I look forward to donning my trainers and seeing you all at the start on Monday, 2 June at 2pm.

Harriette Lynch, Consultant Dietician, Flora