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20,000 fans mob website for Amy's style secrets

A fashion-forward Irish website praising the sartorial choices of stars such as has attracted some 20,000 regular fans.

Style queens are logging on in their droves to check out the latest tips on whatshewears.ie to learn about the hottest trends sweeping the international catwalks.

And the site founder, marketing expert Anne-Marie Boyhan, has revealed how she was spurred into setting up the project after being let go from her job 10 months ago.

Offering advice on pressing subjects such as how to dress for the Irish weather at the races, as well as updates on X Factor fashion, the site is proving a massive hit among cyber fans.

Creator Anne-Marie reckons the surge in popularity in similar style sites is thanks to Irish women looking for more bang for their buck.

"I set it up because I was frustrated at looking at fashion on the internet and nothing was in an Irish context," she explained.

"If I bought a monthly magazine in the days before the recession I would end up being frustrated because a lot of the fashion pics in it, I would already have seen online.

"I found myself jobless last January and I just thought it was time to go for it and set up my own site, so I went out and bought a laptop and started working from home on it. I was working away quietly on it for ages but it seems to be really taking off now."

She was recently approached by Microsoft to join forces with them as their fashion blogger and has attracted an estimated 20,000 regular fans.

"People are looking for instant gratification now and they are also looking for more value for their money," she continued.

"Whereas before, the Irish obsession was with property, it's now about finding the best bargains. People's shopping habits have changed -- consumers are more demanding and their shopping habits are different, with a surge in vintage shops and swapping clothes, and the internet is often the best place to find bargains."

Among the familiar faces featured on the site is actress and Brian O'Driscoll's future wife Amy Huberman, whose father Harold is a clothes designer. Cited as one of its "muses of the month", the star is commended for her "eclectic mix of high street and designer" clothes.

"I just love her style. I think she's really down to earth and wears normal clothes. Her stylist Ingrid Hoey does a style piece on the site and she usually lets me know where she gets her outfits from," Anne-Marie said.