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10 foods which will help you stay looking young

CALL them super or anti-ageing foods -- some foods are better than others at fighting the ageing process and helping us look radiant. Here are the age-fighting foods to always keep in your fridge:

Oranges for plump skin: Citrus fruits are bursting with vitamin C, which is essential for helping our bodies make collagen. Highly recommended if you don't want a sagging face.

Avocados for a flat belly: Avocados contain monounsaturated fats which reduce belly fat by helping the body use insulin more efficiently. Avocados also help control the hormone cortisol that can make us chunk up.

Salmon for firmer skin: Salmon and other oily fish contain omega-3 fats and encourage our bodies to produce anti-inflammatory compounds which can help to slow down and reverse signs of ageing.

Oysters for stronger nails: Develop a taste for these slimy creatures full of zinc and you'll have a great food source for creating collagen which supports the skin and keeps it toned.

Tomatoes for shiny hair: Tomatoes are jam-packed with antioxidants which eliminate free radicals and help us keep a youthful appearance.

Broccoli to banish cellulite: One cup of raw or steamed broccoli prevents cellulite by keeping skin collagen from hardening -- the main cause of cellulite.

Red wine for limber limbs: A glass of red wine contains anti-ageing elements including polyphenol antioxidants, minerals, and resveratrol. The resveratrol may help women during the menopause.

Brazil nuts to banish age spots: Brazil nuts are a fantastic source of the mineral selenium and for this reason they are eaten religiously by women who want to protect their skin against sun damage and age spots. Four nuts will provide 100pc of recommended daily amount.

Olive oil for a youthful glow: Monounsaturated fats in olive oil are credited for the low rates of heart disease and cancer in Greece and Italy. It also contains polyphenols -- powerful antioxidants that help prevent age-related diseases and keep a woman looking youthful and fresh.

Dark chocolate to smooth out wrinkles: Dark chocolate is among the foods which prevent wrinkles. It's high in antioxidant flavonols and leaves skin smoother, thicker, moist, and more resistant to damage from UV rays. Choose a bar with a minimum of 60pc cacao.

>Anna Coogan