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Have you made the wrong call with sexy texts?

One in 10 self-described 'sexters' have accidentally sent X-rated texts to the wrong person, according to a recent poll by UK-based mobile news site Recombu.

So just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than drunk-dialling, it seems your mobile can still be your worst enemy when it comes to affairs of the heart, or simply old-fashioned lust.

Of course, it also means that there is a hell of a lot of people out there getting sexually explicit texts from people they simply thought of as, well, neighbours, colleagues, or just friends.


In this day and age there are any number of excuses you can use to cover your tracks if you are an offending sexter -- for example you could blame it on a network failure, a technological gremlin, or say it's simply a case of the recipient not getting your sense of humour.

Good luck with those excuses by the way, especially if your sex-text was explicit.

In the meantime, the study has also revealed other data about our mobile- phone habits:

>Men are more likely to accidentally sext someone else, such as a family member or friend. Take time to check who you're texting, guys.

>Women send slightly more sexts so, rather than being shy, it seems women are ahead of men when it comes to letting their other halves know what they're thinking about.

>Some 47pc of people send sexy texts to a 'significant other' --though it is not specified how many significant others any one person is sexting at the same time.

>About 12pc of people said they have an easier time sexting rather than talking sexy face to face.

>Both men and women typically wait an hour to respond after a potential date or new partner texts them.

>About one in five women will wait for the man to text first, while one in 10 men will wait to hear from a woman first before sending a text.

>An unbelievable 80pc of people pay attention to the number of xs (kisses) at the end of a text.

>One in 10 of us have been dumped by text message, a previous Recombu survey has revealed.

>A quarter confess to having flirted with someone they shouldn't have in a text.

>A third of people admit to checking up on their partner by secretly reading messages on their mobile.

>About one in 10 listen to their other half's voicemail, and one in five check who they've called on their phone log.

>And one in 10 say they always delete any suspicious texts to hide them from their partner.