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Have fun and try to be more courageous


Confidence coach and motivation mentor

I have more female clients than male, but that could be nothing more than coincidence, or due to the fact that women tend to ask for help more than men. Men like to sort things out on their own. Just like when we are driving and we get lost: generally women will ask for directions; men will keep driving or study the map until they work it out.

I advise clients to get out more to the right places. It helps to get some clarity first. If you are a woman looking for a healthy kind of guy who likes to work out, where do you think he's bound to spend a lot of his time? If you are a man into art and looking for a woman who shares your passion, the chances are she won't be hanging out in Copper Face Jacks at 4am.


People often meet their partners in the most unexpected places. Whether it's online, at the grocers, on top of a mountain, or at work... you just have to be more courageous and have some fun with it. I think world famous and much-loved Irish cheekiness will serve men well.

If you are happily single, great! If not, I suggest you work on becoming happily single, because there is nothing more off-putting than a desperate single person. You need to work on becoming more confident, liking yourself more, enjoying your life more, having more fun -- real fun, as opposed to alcohol-drowned fun.

I think people miss out on many opportunities because of the infamous 'rules'. I think you have to be confident, which seems to be an issue a lot of the time, and courageous. You have to go out there and meet as many people as possible and have some fun. You've to get out of your local pub and widen your horizons.

And quit trying so hard. Instead, go have some fun and make sure the people you meet have fun around you, because when people have fun around you they're more likely to want to spend more time with you. And that can lead to something else, or not.

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